Safaricom introduces FLEX, a new affordable bundle for calls, internet and SMS


Easter seems to have come earlier for Safaricom subscribers with the introduction of a new product known as “FLEX”. The new product allows customers to choose how they allocate their airtime for the three major services; voice, data and SMS. This is a game changer for her customers as it gives value for their money with up to 35 percent savings on SMS, voice and data. 

The service is available to both prepaid and individual postpaid customers. To subscribe, customers have to dial *100# or *200# respectively.

There are three Flex bundle options available

1 Flex unit is equivalent to 20 seconds call, 3 MBS or 3 SMS

 Subscribed customers will receive loyalty flex units every time they send more than 100 shillings through M-Pesa. Furthermore, every time you recharge your units before expiry, they get rolled over.

Going down to the nitty gritty, this is what it means for you. 
Let’s say you subscribe to the daily 99 bundle, and receive 115 units. If you decide to use all the units for either voice, data or SMS service then you will receive 38 minutes of talk time or 345 MBS or 345 SMS. As such, you don’t have to worry whether you are browsing or making a call or sending a message so long as you have subscribed unlike before where you had to subscribe to a particular service with fixed amounts. This is good news especially for those making calls since the same 99 shillings airtime on the fixed and predetermined service will give you around 24 minutes of talk time on peak hours (8am-10p.m). A whole 14 minutes of added talk time! Can it get any better than this?

On the other hand,If you go for the monthly subscription, you will receive 3100 flex units, an equivalent of 9.3 GB of data. That is if you decide to use the flex units for data services only. This is relatively cheaper compared to the normal monthly subscription for 5GB at 1499. 

Press release

In their press release, the Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore said, “As part of our strategic objective of putting the customer first, we are designing and delivering products and services that meet the exact needs of our different customer segments. With ‘FLEX’, we are offering freedom and flexibility to our customers to navigate across our different products without restrictions.”  All that remains to be seen is how the customers will get to receive this new product that is seen as a move aimed at giving her competitors a run for their money.




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