How to get a License to fly a Drone in Nigeria


Having to license your drone in Nigeria is like trying to get a rocket to space, the regulations are extremely demanding. Here is what you have to do to be in compliance with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). First, visit the NCAA office in Lagos or Abuja and obtain a copy of the Guidelines and Requirements for Grant of Permit for Aerial Aviation Services (PAAS). The guidelines comes with a set of application forms that you will have to fill.

You need to draft a cover letter addressed to the Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). In the letter, state your proposed use of the Remotely Operated Aircraft. In addition state  its type, model configuration and the frequency of use within the Airspace of Nigeria.

Now here lies the bombshell: Ensure that you are incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You should have minimum capital shares of twenty million Naira.

Then you must fill out a Personal History Statement (PHS) at the SSS headquarters in Abuja. Then pay a non-refundable fee of five hundred thousand Naira bank draft to the NCAA

If you are still with me up to this point, congratulations! Now you have to wait for six months for the issuance of your permit by the Air Transport Licensing Committee (ATLC). This is after you get cleared by the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA).

Safety Guidelines

Once you have the license, here are the safety regulations that you should get to adhere to;

Do not fly your drone over people or crowded areas

When flying the drone get to respect other people’s privacy

The drowns are to be flown during the day and only in good weather

Avoid flying the drone over power plants, military installation and any other area that could cause concern among the local authorities

Do not fly the drone near airports or any other places that aircrafts operate.

So the next time you think of flying your drone in Nigeria, seek a permit from the authorities six months prior to your intended usage.





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