WhatsApp could soon let you UNSEND embarrassing messages after they’ve been sent

WhatsApp could soon come to the rescue of its users who have before found themselves in an awkward situations by sending unintended messages. The Facebook owned company is reportedly working on a new unsend feature. The feature will allow users to unsend embarrassing messages after they have been sent. Any WhatsApp user can agree that the new feature is God sent.

The new feature that recently appeared temporarily on the latest WhatsApp beta release, will allow you to retrieve unread messages five minutes after hitting the send button. You will only be unlucky if the recipient quickly fires up the blue tick receipts.

The feature works by pressing and holding on the message. If it has not received the infamous blue tick read receipts, meaning it has not been read, there are two options. You will have the option to either “edit” or “revoke” the message altogether. Talk of being given a second chance!

Apart from the unsend feature, WhatsApp is testing live messages that will allow users to send information that changes in real time within a certain time. For instance, you can send your live location to somebody in the same street until your find each other.

A new “change number feature” will also be available that will make it easy for users to notify a contact easily if they change their number. The feature is disabled by default, so users will have to enable the feature to notify their friends on the change in their details.

Release Date

It is not yet known when the new feature will be available. But according to twitter account @WaBetaInfo it is likely to be out with the release of Apple’s iOS update late this year. With no set date as to when the update will be appear, let’s hold our horses hoping that it will be released soon.





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