Safaricom Launches Tunukiwa Offers to Reward Loyal Customers


Safaricom continues to stay ahead of the game in the highly competitive Telco industry. It has not been long since Safaricom introduced the Flex Bundles that offers her customers value for their money. Safaricom is at it again with the launch of Tunukiwa Daily Offers for SMS, Voice and Data.

The Tunukiwa Daily offers are valid for 24 hours from the time of your purchase. Dialling *144# allows you to access the personalised offers based on your usage. For instance, if you are heavy data user, you will have the three offers available but the data offer shall be more appealing.

Safaricom customers shall be able to make calls from KES 2 per minute, and access cheaper data and Texts. Users shall however have to check your offer daily, since it depends on individual usage.

According to the Director of Consumer Business, Sylvia Mulinge, the move is aimed at providing customers with personalized choices. The choices on SMS, data and voice shall give the customers 100 percent or even more on any of the three choices.

The Tunukiwa daily offers are a complement to the Story ibambe promotion which offers customers 100% bonus. The customer receives the bonus after attaining a daily target depending on one’s usage and it is valid until midnight.

Safaricom seems to have a bag of goodies for her customers who have for a long time complained on its services. In the recent past it was common to see Safaricom trending on twitter, all for the wrong reasons especially for data usage.

With the introduction of Flex bundles and now Tunukiwa Daily offers, Safaricom seems to becoming customer friendly by the day. Now customers have a variety of options to choose from on how to spend their money.

The offers will run from 11th April 2017 and will end on 9th July 2017.



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