Accelerate your business with Microsoft


 what is Accelerate your business?


This year Microsoft has launched a new initiative dubbed Accelerate your business(A.Y.B). In recent times SMEs have increased ten fold and the tech giants have noticed.Today Microsoft launched AYB in collaboration with Intel, Lenovo and Dell.
The AYB initiative is aimed at showcasing their best windows 10 pro devices which are customized for all kinds of working scenarios. These feature enhanced security, manageability, productivity tools and most importantly new ways of collaborating with teams.

What AYB brings to the market.
In these times of industrial espionage and cyber crime, these devices show how easy it is protect a company from data losses or security breaches.They include: ultra-thin and light laptops sporting voice recognition, all-in-one PC’s,traditional Desktop PCs with bigger screens and even high powered workstations.
Among these devices the desktop is touted as the best solution for SME due to their highly adaptable platform.In addition to this they are easy to adapt and upgrade and even to replace.
Microsoft,Dell,Lenovo and intel are gearing up for the Tech World 2017, they’ll share their latest technologies, launch some of their most important products, and – along with some of their friends and partners – showcase their vision for the future of technology.

what we think.

We at tech guy have noticed the zeal of this companies in equipping the SMEs of East Africa.This action is very timely as East Africa emerges to be a tech giant in its own right.We cant wait to see what these companies will bring forth in the next few years.



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