Microsoft: Windows 10 Free upgrade offer to end July.


Microsoft has announced that it will end its free upgrade offer option by end of July.  There after it will cost you $119 to upgrade your OS to windows 10. The free upgrade offer to Windows 10 was a first for Microsoft, helping people upgrade faster than ever before. And time is running out.

The company,In a blog post, confirmed that the free upgrade offer will end on July 29 and they want to make sure you don’t miss out. After July 29th, you’ll be able to continue to get Windows 10 on a new device, or purchase a full version of Windows 10 Home for $119. Microsoft also says that windows 10 is now in use in more than 300 million devices around the world.

Current figures on Netmarketshare However, shows that the most popular desktop OS is windows 7 with nearly 48% share and that nearly 10% of people use windows 8.1.

Therefore about 60% of  windows users  are eligible for upgrade to windows 10 buy they are yet to take advantage of this offer.

Windows 10 has proved popular, especially with 300 million machines now running it, but the company wants one billion devices using the software within the next two years. It waits to be seen if devices they are making in future are going to drive the company  to achieving this goal.

Reminding people that they only have two months left to upgrade free of charge is one way of driving upgrade numbers, but opting to extend the promotion could also have similar results. It’s hardly surprising that Microsoft is sticking to its original plans, but there’s still time left for the company to change its mind.

If you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10 – Congrats . If you haven’t upgraded yet – May be  you should consider upgrading today.




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