Mobile data bundle saving tips for your Safaricom line


There are two things that smartphone users will never have in plenty. It is either you are complaining of a battery that ran out of juice so fast or the Smartphone consumes so much data. Well, with the introduction of a power Bank we can breathe easy when it comes to the battery running out. But what about the data?

More often than not we feel that Safaricom consumes our Data abnormally. Did you know that you can take control of your data usage? Here are some tips that can help you to dramatically reduce your mobile data usage on an android device.

 1. Monitor your data usage on your Device

Android delivers control over your data consumption by allowing you to set a limit to your mobile data usage. The location of the settings menu may vary depending on the type of phone you are using but the options are available for smartphones running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat or later.

  • Navigate to Settings> Network Settings/ Wireless and Networks
  • Network settings> Data Usage/Mobile Data
  • Select the dates for review with “Data Usage Cycle.”
  • Toggle the Set Mobile Data Limit to receive notifications when you exceed your set data usage limit.
  • You can as well monitor the data consumption of each app installed by scrolling down.
2. Manage your data subscriptions

Safaricom allows you to choose between a onetime purchase and auto renewal of data bundles. You can also stop the auto renewal service by selecting “stop auto-renew” by dialing *544#. This will ensure that you are not subscribed even when you least need the bundles.

3. Use MyDataManager

Activate “MyDataManager” by dialing *544#. This will ensure that your airtime is not consumed the moment your data is finished.

4. Avoid Streaming High-Quality Music

 When streaming on You Tube do not go for the High definition settings of 720p and 1080p. You will save up to 60% of your data if you opt for videos between 144p to 480p.

  • Go to YouTube
  • Click on the little cog on the bottom right hand side of the video and select the quality.
5. Control your data usage on Apps

You can minimise your data usage for these apps by changing the settings


Go to settings>Manage Additional Services>Travel Mode


You could be a member of several groups that keep posting videos and images. It is important to disable automatic downloads.

WhatsApp>Settings>Data and Storage Usage> Media Auto Download

Select When using mobile data> unmark Photos, Audio, videos and documents

Enable low data usage for WhatsApp calls.


You can avoid the auto play of videos on Facebook

Go to Facebook>Profile tab>Help and settings> Auto play>select never auto play videos.


Go to twitter> Profile Icon>settings and Privacy> Data Usage>set video auto play to Never


If you feel that Instagram is using a huge junk of your data then you can opt for less data usage

Open Instagram>Settings>Cellular data usage>Tick use less data

The above strategies will go a long way in ensuring that you get value for the money you spend in purchasing bundles.



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