4 Ways to Recycle your Unwanted Tech Products

Fans of technology love nothing more than having a shiny new gadget in their hands. This passion for keeping up with technology trends does pose a conundrum, however. Just what should they do with their old technology? Throwing it away simply isn’t an option, not just because it adds to our landfill problem but also because technology is filled with metals and dangerous chemicals which can be hazardous for the environment if left to rot.

We’ll take a look at four ways to recycle your unwanted tech products so that you can feed your love for tech without the guilt.

  1. Second-hand selling sites

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There are a plethora of people looking out for tech products on sites such as eBay or Gumtree. Not everybody can afford the latest technology and many are willing to wait a couple of years and purchase second-hand to ensure they get a good deal. It really is a win-win for everyone; you get your new tech and some money in your pocket, the buyer gets tech that suits them at a good price and the product doesn’t end up at landfill where it could potentially contaminate the environment. Create a professional listing and you’ll be sure to sell your old gadget in no time

  1. Donate the item


If you don’t fancy the hassle of selling your item, you could always donate it to a good cause – consider taking it to your local charity shop, for example. You could also consider donating your item to a cause such as Tech Recycle. This is a particularly good option if your gadget isn’t working properly because they will refurbish it before passing it on to families, start-ups or charities who don’t have the funds to invest in technology. Plus, if they can’t refurbish it, they will ensure that it is recycled ethically.

  1. Give them to the company you’re purchasing a new product from

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Many companies selling gadgets will also collect your old items and recycle them for you, free of charge. Currys, for instance, collect and reuse or recycle over 65,000 tonnes of electrical appliances every single year. It really is an easy way to be sure that your old item is recycled ethically – all you have to do is hand it over when you take delivery of your new item. What could be easier?

  1. Check what your local authority collects

Photo/ https://unsplash.com/photos/pFfZDaTVdtc

It is always worth checking what your local authority is happy to collect when it comes to electrical items. Sometimes, you might even be able to put your old tech out with your usual recycling. The local authority should then make sure that it is sent to a centre which can make the best use out of it. It might be the case that you have to take it to a specialised centre within your area – but, as long as you follow the instructions, you can be sure that your item will be recycled ethically either way.




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