A Look at Safaricom’s New Data Bundles arrangement


Safaricom has today relieved many of its mobile data  subscribers with the new Data bundles arrangement. There has been an outcry from its customers since the giant telco  changed the pricing and validity period of data bundles in february this year.

Well, this are the details of the new offer:

  • The new data bundles will be available to Safaricom Pre-pay and Post-Pay subscribers and they will be able to access mobile internet service through buying data bundles.
  • Through the new scheme, Safaricom has 3 options on how customers will be able to buy and subscribe for Data bundles which include: Data bundles option, Time based tariff and Out of Bundle Tariff (Pay As You Go)
  • To subscribe for the daily bundles, customers will be required to dial *544# from their phones, the bundles will be valid for 24hrs after which they expire.
  • However, the bundles will roll over to the next day should the subscriber purchase another Daily Data Bundle before expiry.
  • Under the daily Data bundle, customers will have an option of purchasing data bundles from 7MB from as low as Kshs. 5 up to 150MB at Kshs. 50
  • The weekly bundles will be valid for 7 days from the time of purchase.
  • At the expiry of 7 days, any unused bundles will expire and will be permanently unavailable. However, if you buy another bundle before the lapse of the 7 days, your unused bundle will be rolled over and be available to you for the validity period of the new bundle you have purchased.
  • The Weekly bundles will be available from 5MB at Kshs 5 to 130MB at Kshs 100
  • The monthly data bundles will have a validity period of 30 days from the time of purchase and will be available from 350MB at Kshs 250 to 12 GB at Kshs 3,000


    • Daily Data Bundles
Daily Data Bundles SMS Price (Kshs) Validity Period
7MB 7 5 24 Hours
15MB 15 10 24 Hours
35MB 35 20 24 Hours
60MB 60 30 24 Hours
150MB 150 50 24 Hours
    • Weekly Data Bundles
Weekly Bundles Price (Kshs) Validity Period
5MB 5 7 Days
10MB 10 7 Days
30MB 30 7 Days
65MB 50 7 Days
130MB 100 7 Days


    • Monthly Data Bundles
Monthly Bundles Price (Kshs) Validity Period
350MB 250 30 Days
1GB 500 30 Days
3GB 1000 30 Days
7.5GB 2000 30 Days
12GB 3000 30 Days
  • 90 Day Data Bundle
90 Day Bundles Price (Kshs) Vay Period
6GB 3000 90 Days
16GB 6000 90 Days
30GB 9000 90 Days



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