Africa Internet Group, Ventures Rebrands to Jumia


Africa Internet Group and its affiliates are now Jumia. The company announced the accommodation of its affiliate companies into the Jumia ecosystem. Customers can now access all products and services from a single platform.

The company has continued to deepen its roots in Africa following successful operations in various African nations. Today, it serves as Africa’s biggest e-commerce platform. Founded in 2012, thanks to funding by Rocket Internet, Jumia mimics Amazon, the global market platform.

The only difference is that Jumia is an African market place. Its various affiliate companies have been rebranded and customers can now access them on the Jumia portal. Jovago, its online hotel booking platform, will be referred to as Jumia Travel, and Hellofood, its food delivery company, will now be Jumia Food. Carmudi is now Jumia cars while Vendito rebrands to Jumia Deals. Kaymu, its community market place platform, will now be referred to as Jumia Market. Lumudi, its real estate online company, is now Jumia House. Additionally, the identity of AIG X, its logistics services, changes to Jumia services.

Shoppers can now visit the Jumia platform to access an array of services. The new platform is designed to enable customers to access products and services and at the same time have their needs and expectations on quality, price, convenience, choice, and trust met.

The rebranding comes with the promise of better services and greater opportunities for sellersand buyers alike. The founders and Co-CEOs, Sacha poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara listed quality, convenience and trust as the three important pillars of operations and success. The two indicated that they founded the internet group with the conviction that the internet can improve the lives of people everywhere. They went on to clarify that by bringing the services under one umbrella, they can make it convenient for customers to go through daily operations.

Africa Internet group operates in 10 African nations with Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, and Morocco serving as prime examples. Jumia first pithed camp in Nigeria and afterwards proceeded to establish business in other African nations.



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