Airtel’s UnlimiNET: All you need to Know


Airtel is known to go to interesting lengths to woo customers. It, therefore, came as no surprise when it introduced UnlimiNET, a mobile data plan that promises end the era of “No MB’s left.”

A report released by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CCK) indicates a steady growth in the number of internet subscribers in the country. As such, mobile service providers continue to strive to entice the public with attractive data bundle plans.

So, Here’s what you need to know…..

Rich Plan

The plan offers talk time, SMS and data bundles. This I like. You do not find this everywhere. Four main plans are offered: Daily, Weekly and Monthly UnlimiNET as well as Grow My Hustle. Each meets customer unique needs. For instance, the latter is a program designed to encourage online entrepreneurship. Airtel promises to help lucky winners by promoting their businesses online.

Extra Browsing Time

The idea of browsing after my plan runs out is very much welcome. I have been frustrated a gazillion times when data bundles run out in the process of doing something important or one with a strict deadline; like send a confirmation email or upload an important file. If you live on the 10th floor and have to walk 234,999 kilometers to buy scratch cards, I am pretty sure you can relate with the frustration.

Parental control

The environment and media has turned children into curious cats. Today’s child may leave you with raised eyebrows when he/she opens that little mouth. The online environment is not regulated as such and kids can stumble upon, or gain access to, graphic and adult content. UnlimiNET offers parents a chance to regulate what their kids can access.


Each bundle plan comes with a 5% discount. This may not be such a large amount of money but if you can be drawn to the ‘999 psychological pricing, you should be totally sold to this. A Kshs. 2000 plan will save you 100 bob.

Gift a Bundle

You can now sambaza data bundles. I love this feature because it saves on time and sometimes money. Earlier, we had to send money to people who would, in turn, buy bundles. Not anymore.

Furthermore, the proliferation of mobile phones has led to an increase in the number of people accessing the internet. The hype around UnlimiNET is justified. I love that users can enjoy several benefits at a price that is easy on the pocketbook.




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