Apps Every Kenyan Woman Should Download


What does the app store and Shanghai have in common? They are both densely populated. The app store is deluged with apps of all types most of which are free. In this post, I present apps I feel every woman should consider downloading. Under each category, I present examples of popular apps.

Note: The lists presented are not exhaustive.

Beauty and Fashion

We can all use some tips in the beauty and fashion sector. New trends are emerging every day; hence, any app that promises to keep us up to date is welcome. In the words of Harry Winston “People will stare. Make it worth their while” Popular beauty apps include Magic mirror, Makeup Tutorials, African Hairstyles & Ankara, YouCam Nails-Manicure Salon while Fashion apps include Kente Ankara, Latest Fashion Styles Africa, Shoes Collection for Women, Party Shoes, fashion jewellery, clothing styles, Stylebook, Pregnancy Mom

Photography apps

The number of photo editing apps continues to grow. Nowadays, everyone appears beautiful in digital photos even though this is not often representative of the reality on the ground. The apps have gained popularity especially among women who use filters and editing options. Snapspeed, Vsco, Mextures, and Lens Distorations are prime examples of apps every woman should download. There is nothing wrong with adding or removing a little something from your photo: just don’t take it too far!

Health and Fitness

Most of us can do with a few calories off. Those love handles, paunch, cellulite, and flabby arms are not exactly our pride and joy. Thanks to apps such as Lost it, Fitnet, Couch to 5K, and 30 day of challenge workout, you can get into desired body shape.


Many banks these days have their mobile apps which customers. depending on who you bank with. Kcb for example have the “Kcb mobile app” . Financial institutions have developed apps that allow their customers to access their accounts online. Others offer loan services with Tala and PesaPap serving as prime examples.


We all have that one friend who can really bring it when it comes to cooking. While they may come to our rescue sometimes, it times to stop over relying on them. Apps such as food meal planner and Kenya food recipes are helpful.

Also, if you would prefer to have food delivered at your doorstep, download the hello food app.


The sight or thought of scattered items is appalling. Women can use some help with organisation and that is why apps such as Google Drive and Chaos Control were developed. The former helps ensure that you have a backup for your files. Pocket app allows you to save unread as well as recommended articles for future reference.

As mentioned earlier, this list is not exhaustive; however, it presents categories and examples of apps under each. Every Kenyan woman can use apps in the above categories to make life easier and more interesting.



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