Asus has partnered with FGEE Technology to donate computers to schools in Kenya


This year, ASUS and FGEE technology  has launched a project geared towards promoting technology in schools in Kenya, starting with Thika High and rolling to more schools across the country in a programme that will run for the next 7 years.

The future of the world and more so in Kenya will revolve around technology, and hence the great emphasis on it.

ASUS is the number one manufacturer of motherboards in the world, commanding almost a 40% market share of the motherboard business.  They are also the leading manufacturers of computer and phone hardware in Europe with headquarters in Taipei – Taiwan.

ASUS has been conducting a program “Computer Recycling and Education Program” that began in 2008 and have already donated 8,394 refurbished computers to over 27 different countries.

FGEE TECHNOLOGY LTD has been the leading partner in supply and distribution of ASUS products. The company is looking forward to working together with other like-minded donors, government and NGO’s to finance this course as ASUS has done.

ASUS Computer Recycling and Education Project

ASUS first started recycling and refurbishing computers as part of the Computer Recycling and Education Program in 2008, which was and continues to be a part of a greater mission to introduce technology to communities that are lacking computing resources, empower their current and future lifestyles, and decrease the digital divide that is often found in less developed cities and regions.

The recycling programs eventually expanded into larger scale operations such as computer donation programs, digital center establishments, and digital education curriculum. These latter programs were created to assist disadvantaged communities gain access to digital learning opportunities and enhance their digital skill sets and capabilities to provide them with better opportunities.

Today the 15th May 2018, ASUS has donated 20 computers to selected public schools in Kenya. ASUS mentioned that they will continue with this initiative every year in Kenya to help reach out to more schools in the communities of Kenya. This initiative is targeting to help introduce technology in Kenyan communities that are still in need of tech exposure.

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