Asus Kenya: The Ongea Festival, Presence in Kenya and the Future


The recently concluded 2017 Ongea festival attracted various corporates including Asus Kenya. Ongea is a music summit whose agenda is to promote trading, learning, and showcase performances. The event brought together music stakeholders in the East African region. The festival was held at the Sarit Expo Mall between the 16th and 19th of February 2017.

Asus was here to showcase its music technology which aims to provide users with an optimised sound hardware. The technology works in conjunction with their precision-tuned software to offer an immersive audio experience without adding too much cost.

‘’Asus is happy to be part of Ongea festival event since we pride ourselves in the fact that our Machines comes with Asus SonicMaster Audio Technology that takes audio even further.’’ said Faith Kori, ASUS Marketing Manager Kenya.

Asus also focused on promoting ASUS VivoBook Pro N552, an elegant and beautifully crafted laptop that comes with powerful technology. The company’s decision to promote VivoBook Pro N552 was informed by the fact that some of its outstanding features resonate with the theme of the annual festival.

Asus describes VivoBook Pro as a tech product that is made for music thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster Technology. The robust audio hardware and carefully developed software collaborate to give you an incredible audio experience on your laptop. Other impressive features are front-facing speakers, deep rich bass, rich vocals, and five selectable AudioWizard modes. These give you seamless experiences in gaming, movie, music, recording, and speech. These may explain why ASUS’s main target audiences during the event were artists, DJs, and music lovers.

ASUS is among innovative giant tech firms that have managed to expand its market share in Kenya. Since its entry into the Kenyan market, the company has also continued to increase its array of products. Prior to 2014, the company’s main product had been laptops but this changed after the launch of the incredible Asus Zenfone smartphone. Later, several members of the Zenfone series would be released into the market. This was definitely a sign of victory.

Today, Asus continues to release innovative gaming, smartphone, and PC products into the Kenyan market. Asus is still a household name in Kenya despite the presence of other giant tech companies.

Asus has announced the launch of various products in 2017 among them Zenfone 3Zoom that packs superior camera technologies and a 5000mAh battery capacity. Another great smartphone we can expect from Asus in 2017 is Zenfone AR which comes with a 23MP primary camera, 6GB RAM and is AR and VR enabled. The latter is to be launched in coming months but we also expect a series of other great products from the giant tech firm.

The future looks promising for Asus as the company has constantly attested to its commitment to remain manufacturers of innovative products.



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