Here are a few things you might want to know:

1.Tech guy  is sent products to review or try. The majority of these products are review units meaning we DO NOT KEEP THEM and they are returned to the company. If we are allowed to keep them we disclose this in the piece.

2. Any reviews you read ARE NOT PAID FOR by the brand or company concerned. All reviews are conducted on review units we receive or our own products that we have purchased ourselves. If it is in the review section it cannot be bought (i.e. we do not offer paid for reviews). The views expressed are our own opinion and not influenced by money and/or free product.

3. Some content on the site is paid for. This is clearly marked with the “Sponsored” tag in the top right hand corner at the start of the post.

4. We include disclosures at the end of posts. If we were sent on a paid for trip – we tell you. If we’re given an item or money in return for coverage – we tell you. If it is a review unit that goes back – we tell you. If the brand lets us keep the review unit – we tell you. If we used our own device for the story – we tell you. In short? We’re honest about what is going on here. This ensures you know exactly what content you’re consuming.

5. We offer “paid for” content and banner advertisements. If it doesn’t say “Sponsored” as per point 3 it wasn’t paid for.

6. Any competitions run on the site are conducted via Rafflecopter to ensure a fair draw that is not biased or subjective. When a competition requires a creative answer and/or subjective selection, we will select 3 entries she deems “the best” and then request that the brand concerned select the final winner.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us so we can address them.