Four Easy Ways to Save Money Riding Taxify this January


Even if you haven’t gone into debt over the holidays, chances are you’ll be feeling the pinch this January. If you’re someone who uses ride-hailing frequently, you already know how convenient and reliable ride-hailing can be and you don’t want dry January to get in the way of your comfort.

Here are four easy money saving hacks on Taxify you can take advantage of this month:

  1. Take rides at off-peak hours: Now that the holiday rush is over, traffic is a lot easier to predict. Save money by requesting rides at times when traffic is a lot lighter. Consider requesting rides before 6am in the morning, at 3pm after lunch and also after 9pm when heading back home at night to save money on rides on weekdays. This would leave you with a little extra cash every day this month.

  2. Share rides with friends:  Why take rides alone, when you can share with friends that are going in the same direction as you?  Rather than ride solo, share rides with 2-3 of your friends or colleagues and split the bill or take turns paying at the end of each ride.

  3. Use Taxify Boda & Taxify GO: Many of us are already familiar with the Taxify GO and Boda categories. Capitalize on these affordable categories and make savings on your rides all January.

  4. Refer friends and family: One of the easiest ways to save money this January on Taxify is by referring other passengers. Simply share your unique referral/invite code (found in your Taxify app). Once your invitee has enjoyed their free ride using your invite code, you get a free ride as well.

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