Google Plus; Why Business Owners Should Embrace It.


When Google+, sometime pronounced as Google Plus, first entered the market in 2011, it did not catch the attention of many social network users. Looking back, this Google product snuck up quietly that many people did not notice its entrance into the market. While it is yet to be considered a Facebook alternative, its presence has definitely grown almost five years later.

Today, Google Plus can be described as a significant player in the online marketing world. This social media network platform can no longer be ignored. Although many local business owners may have neither heard of it nor used it, Google Plus should be embraced by both marketers and business owners owing to its invaluable benefits it can bring to a business.

Why take Google Plus seriously as a marketing strategy?

1.Search Results

A business person using Google Plus can enjoy an increase in search results. One of Google Plus’ benefits is increased visibility. New applications that integrate this tool with search results are constantly being launched. Google Plus users sharing marketing posts with relevant and original content regularly are likely to have their content appear in the search results page. Keywords are an important factor when it comes to coming up with marketing campaigns. To further give Google Plus page a higher rank in the search results page, these keywords can be integrated in other sections of Google Plus page such as video. Additionally, linking business website to this Google tool also increases chances of website optimisation. Google Plus ripples feature is imperative as it will identify the person who publicly shared a certain post. Through this feature, a business person can see who has shared his or her posts and with whom and comments that might have been made.

2. Connect to the right consumers

Through this platform, business owners in the technology sector can easily connect with potential tech-savvy customers. Even though Facebook presents itself as an option for new members, Google Plus login can prompt a user to install an app for their android device while browsing from their desktop and the app will be installed on their phone instantly. This applies to Android users since iOS users are directed to the Apple store to download the app. Google Plus users who are tech-savvy have a high preference for this tool as it helps them spread word about interesting posts and profiles. Businesses whose focus is the tech industry will attract the right audience that is likely to embrace new products or services from the technology field. Through Google Plus, business owners are in a position to connect to the right consumers specifically those who enjoy trying out new technologies.

3. Ability to target particular consumer groups

Ability to target particular consumer groups is another benefit of Google Plus. While connecting to potential customers through circles, it is possible for a business owner to categorise followers into descriptive groups such a “consumers”, “suppliers”, and so on. Each time the need arises to share a piece of information one can select the specific circles that should be the recipient(s) of such. This helps avoid what has been regarded as “social spam” since users receive information based on the circle they belong to. For instance, when a Jazz fan signs into a new music app, he or she will receive updates revolving around jazz music. This helps ensure that information and content is tailored for a specific group.

4. Widen network

Through Google Plus, a business person can widen their network. This tool gives business owners a chance to connect with other business owners. This is possible after one adds the businesses of interest into other circles and in turn request to be added into theirs.

5. businesses of any size can use Google Plus.

One does not have to have built an empire to use this Google product. As a part of social media marketing, this tool can boost business by reaching out to global consumers that would have been challenging to reach. Any business person can include Google Plus in their marketing campaign to help increase business exposure which can finally lead to a rise in business sales. Google Plus is a commendable platform that businesses of all sizes can make use of to promote their businesses. While Facebook continues to dominate, there is also the likelihood that Google Plus continue to be integrated into digital marketing due to its evident benefits.



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