How to Register and Access Safaricom’s Interest-free Faraja Loans

Safaricom has yet again introduced a new credit service called Faraja on its platform. This follows the launching of M-Shwari back in 2012, KCB-Mpesa in 2015, and Fuliza in 2019. Safaricom launched the new service in partnership with Equity Bank and Edomx Ltd.

What is Faraja?

Faraja is an interest-free point-of-sale loan that allows you to buy goods and services on credit. You can spend from as little as Ksh20 to a maximum of Ksh100,000, depending on your credit rating. While the loan attracts 0% interest, you will account for the normal M-Pesa transaction charges. Unlike KCB-Mpesa, M-Shwari, or Fuliza, Faraja does not allow you to send money. You can only transact through Safaricom’s Lipa na M-Pesa services.

Since Faraja is still new, only a number of businesses currently accept it. They include popular retail outlets like Naivas Supermarket, Good Life Pharmacy, and Citi Walk. However, Safaricom intends to extend the service to other establishments like bars, eateries, petrol stations, and more supermarkets. 

How to Register for Faraja Loan Services

Before you think of registering for the service, you must be an active Safaricom subscriber. The service permits only two accounts per National ID. Also, your loan limit will depend on your credit score. The loan is payable after 30 days.

Here is the process to follow when registering for Faraja loan services:

  1. Dial *799# on your Safaricom phone.
  2. Select “Opt-in” and wait to enter your M-Pesa PIN.
  3. After entering your M-Pesa PIN, you will receive your credit limit.

Once you have successfully registered, you can use the following procedure to buy goods or services with Faraja loan:

  1. Dial *799#.
  2. Select “Buy goods” or “Paybill”.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to spend followed by your M-Pesa PIN.
  4. That’s it. Wait for Safaricom’s confirmation message.

How to Repay Faraja Loan

  1. Dial *799#.
  2. Enter the amount you want to repay.
  3. Enter your M-Pesa PIN.
  4. Confirm the transaction.
  5. Wait for transaction confirmation SMS.


Faraja is definitely one of the best products to come from Safaricom in recent times. The best thing about it is that it does not attract any interest, regardless of the amount you borrow. This will most likely attract many users and become another one of Safaricom’s success stories.

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