Mobile Phone and You-What does it say about you?

Today a mobile phone is one device that will get on to your hands the most times than any other thing every day. It is that first thing you get your hands on every morning when you wake up. All just to check those social media, email notifications or text messages or even missed calls. Sometimes even meeting alerts -if you use google calendar like me.

Your device however defines the kind of person you are, those functionalities that you die for in a mobile device can tell who you are, your habits and what you spend most of your time on.

The average woman in sub saharan Africa touches her hair 37 times a day -but she checks her cellphone  82 times a day. Andisa Ntsubane- Microsoft Marketing Director South Africa (Jan 2012 at Amplify digital life conference)


Device type

We own different mobile phone devices with different functionalities, but of course there are common features you will find in any cell phone. A Kabambe or mulika owner, as we call it, is that simple guy , busy accountant or someone just not willing to spend 90% of their salary on a mobile phone like some of us. This guy is not flashy by the way, you will not see this phone unless someone is calling!

The smartphone guy will flash out anywhere: in the streets, first thing when they grab a seat in a matatu, At a waiting bench, inside a lift, just anywhere they can be noticed. Most of the time they just key in the screen lock password! Okey, as one of them, I will be kind. With a smartphone you can do a lot. You will agree with me  that you can work actually from your smartphone.

If it’s a smartphone, mobile apps

There are lot of mobile apps this days for almost any content; News, Sports, Magazines, Games, Tech, Finance, Business,lifestyle, social etc. The kind of mobile apps  we install on our smartphones says a lot about what we spend our time on. For example you will find a food lover say Wafula, with Hellofood . (No pun intended). For  someone who spends a lot of time on tech you will find them with apps like Techcrunch, Mashable, Verge and so on. Ideally every mobile app has its own unique user.


A phone will always tell your ways. Well,while it’s not a crime to own a kabambe it’s also not wrong to own that sleek  phone, just ensure the device you have serves you well and you are good to go!


What do you think your phone says about you?



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  1. Interesting! I am getting a head gear soon. i touch my hair more than i use my phone. Good stuff.

  2. Hahaha.. mulika mwizi is for phones are for entertainment..nevertheless my day cant be complete if i happen to lose either.. i love the subtle humor ..wafula

  3. Well articulated. Recently I saw a placard on a subway station in downtown Boston captioned, “show how smart you are, not your smart phone.” Excellent piece!

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