Nairobi’s Resting Giant – Mondo Ride


Mondo Ride is the ride hailing service on the tip of your tongue. It’s the alternative to
foreign-based giants like Uber and Taxify.

Operating out of Nairobi since 2016, Mondo Ride has done more than just disrupt the local
transportation scene. They’ve brought jobs in technology to the region. With more than 90% of
staff being locally based, Mondo Ride’s office culture is a reflection of the region’s talent for
mobile innovation.
The Mondo Ride app, available on Android and iOS, is a simple way to hail the ride you need
for an affordable price.

From standard sedans to boda bodas (motorcycles), Mondo Ride has a variety of vehicle
options available for each city it operates in. Unlike its competitors, Mondo Ride does not
charge “surge fees” at peak times. This means you can always count on Mondo Ride to be
reliable and consistent.
Mondo Ride’s approach to technology is one that puts the customer first.
If you’re reading this, the odds that you will use a mobile app today are almost certain. Imagine
if one of the apps you relied on charged you a lot of money when you needed to use it the most.
That is essentially what is happening when you are being charged a higher fee to travel with
apps like Uber and Taxify.
By keeping the pricing consistent, Mondo Ride has bridged the gap between technology and
human interaction. They know it doesn’t feel very good when you have to pay more for
something you usually get for a lower price. It’s this sort of aggressive approach to the
marketplace that is allowing Mondo Ride to compete with international giants.
The innovation doesn’t stop there, though.

Mondo Ride was one of the first ride hailing services to offer an around the clock call centre with
staff ready to take your call and fix your situation. In addition, Mondo Ride also ushered in the
in-app “Emergency Contacts” button and 24/7 support from leading security agency Castor
All Mondo Ride drivers carry insurance coverage that protects their passengers, too. Those with
experience in getting around Kenya will know about the wild rides in matatus (mini-busses) and
other forms of “private” transportation. The Mondo Ride app not only helps Kenyan’s get a ride
for cheap, it also keeps them safe.

Mondo Ride is a shining example of what the entrepreneurial spirit in East Africa is capable of
achieving. Alongside its core ride hailing business, Mondo Ride has also built a thriving corporate
transportation offering, with more than one hundred clients across the region.

Having recently been awarded the Digital Inclusion Award for Best Corporate Taxi Solution, Mondo Ride’s focus on quality has allowed it secure customers such as Cytonn Investments and Ecobank. Mondo Ride, having recently expanded into Uganda and Tanzania, plans to become a pan-African ride hailing platform able to operate across all regions and sectors. To do this, they’ll have to successfully comply with each area’s regulations and add value to each community. By providing localised options such as Tuk tuks (three-wheeled carts) in countries like Tanzania, and even long-distance bus charters between remote areas in Kenya, Mondo Ride is already showing signs of being up for the task. The company’s leadership has secured over $6 million dollars (US) in funding up to this point, making the presence of Mondo Ride in the region undeniable. Mondo Ride’s Founder and CEO, Troels Andersen, was the Vice President International of Groupon as it expanded across Europe and China, as well as a Financial Analyst at prestigious  BlackRock.

The company is also backed by an impressive board of advisors and investors. There will be many eyes on Mondo Ride as it continues to grow. They are one of resting giants in the region, patiently taking their time, doing things the right way.

With thoughtful customer-centric practices, Mondo Ride is one of the safest and easiest ways to move aroundEast Africa.

If you are local to Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda, you can download the Mondo Ride app fromGoogle Play or the App Store. You can learn more about Mondo Ride by visiting their website at

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