NTSA Driving License Renewal: How To renew Via eCitizen

The eCitizen portal is the most reliable way to renew your NTSA driving license in Kenya in just a few clicks. This is an online platform provided by the Kenyan government that allows you to:

  • Get instant updates on your application status whenever you like.
  • Secure your driver’s license online and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Pay for the services via MPESA from the comfort of your home.

The new NTSA guidelines will make it easier for you to get your license back after an accident. If you’ve been involved in an accident and have been driving a vehicle that is not fully compliant with the new rules, then you could have your license suspended for a period of up to six months. After that time period, you’ll need to renew it every year instead of every three years.

More importantly, you’ll undergo medical exams and tests to see if your driving skills have improved since the last time they were tested. The goal is to create a system where drivers are tested for compliance with regulations every year—and if they don’t pass, their licenses are revoked.

How much does it cost to renew a driving license in Kenya?

Well, to pay for a license renewal, here are the charges.
A three-year license costs KSh 1400 and a Sh50 convenience fee. On the other hand, a one-year license costs Sh600 plus a Sh50 convenience fee.
Once your application is successful, you can easily print your renewal slip.

Furthermore, for you to meet the 2018 NTSA regulations on the new generation of driving licenses, here are some of the requirements you need to submit.

  • Your KRA PIN
  • A valid ID number
  • Your driver’s information, including a record of your traffic offenses

How do you renew your driving license in Kenya via eCitizen?

Follow these steps for NTSA driving license renewal in Kenya:

1) Login to the ntsa-ecitizen-portal

2) And, provide your email address, your National ID number, and a password in order to access the online portal.

3) Additionally, if you are logging in for the first time, you will have to create a new account.

4) Once you’ve signed up, login and select the National Transport and Safety Authority tab for your driving license renewal application.

5) Then, click on the “Submit Application” option and choose driving licenses.

6) While here, you’ve the option to either choose a one-year or three-year driving license renewal.

7) It is important that you confirm the application details once again. For one year of driving license renewal, it will cost you KES 600, while for three years of driving license renewal, it will cost you KES 1,400 with an additional convenience fee of KES 50 in each of the options. 

8) After confirming the application details, depending on your choice of driving license renewal period, take your time to double-check the information you have provided.  This is necessary for accuracy and to ensure that you’ve entered all the information in the required fields.

9) Once you’re satisfied that the information you entered is accurate, click submit.

You can choose any mode of payment for your driving license renewal. And, the easiest is to use mobile money services such as M-Pesa.

Simply go the Mpesa App and use the paybill number 206206. The account number is automatically generated based on the service you chose.

After paying and submitting successfully your application, you can now print the NTSA renewal driving license slip.

What other services can you check on the NTSA portal?

It’s even now pretty straightforward because the NTSA has an app, through which you can inquire about the following services:

  • Your motor vehicle status
  • Your driving license status
  • Check your road service and licensing status.
  • The status of your Sacco license
  • PSV license status
  • Night travel vehicle license status

Apart from NTSA renewal services offered by e-citizen, here are some of the other services offered on the same platform:

NTSA New Driving licence. It allows you to drive a motor vehicle of any class on Kenyan roads.

Provisional driving license. You receive this when you undergo training in driving.

Driving test endorsement. The test allows you to drive other classes of vehicles than the one you are driving.

Duplicate driving license. You apply for a replacement when you lose your driving license or when it gets damaged or defaced.

What are the factors involved in getting a driving license in Kenya?

Age: You must have attained the legal adult age of 18 years and above for a motor vehicle license and 16 years and above for a motorcycle license.

Mental health: You must be in sound mental health to get a driver’s license for commercial vehicles.

Education: Complete formal education at least up to standard 8 of the 8:4:4 system.

Formal Training: Get formal training from a government-authorized driving school and obtain Form CMV-5 from the school.

Related: NTSA contacts at headquarters and regional offices 

By using eCitizen service, you will be able to renew your driving license without going through the hassle of visiting an office or dealing with long queues at one of the offices that offer the service.

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