Safaricom Finally Launches Little Cab, an Uber Competitor


So, the long-awaited Uber competitor by Safaricom and Craft Silicon  Little cab is finally here. Dubbed, Little Cab, the app is designed to help you get around town with ease and more conveniently. It has also been designed with a little more focus on the user in mind. For example, it allows you to see how much a cab ride will cost in Live Mode, and gives you a variety of options to pay for the ride. And yes, payment methods also include M-PESA.

What’s more, there will be an option for paying using Bonga Points in future. The app allows you to select one of three ride options – Comfort, Ladybug, and Basic.

Below are the rates for each package:

  • Basic – Kshs. 50 per kilometer and Kshs. 4 per minute afterwards
  • Lady Bug – Kshs. 55 per kilometer and Kshs. 4 per minute afterwards
  • Comfort – Kshs. 55 per kilometer and Kshs. 4 per minute afterwards

There is a minimum fare which is Kshs. 270 with no base fare.

The app is already live on Android and expected to be available soon on Windows, iOS and USSD.

A Good Deal for Everyone
Little Can is not only cheaper, according to some sources, compared to Uber, it also allows cab owners to keep a larger margin of the revenue. Little Cab only takes 15%. For customers, you also get to enjoy free WiFi in the cab and you get to select the radio station of choice to listen to.

Little Cab enters a market that has seen some volatility with the likes of Uber trying to navigate the market with some difficulties. Last year, two cabs were torched by angry taxi owners who claimed Uber was ‘stealing’ their business. Let’s see how Safaricom intends to navigate such challenges and prove to be a real competitor for the global brand, Uber.

Why not download the app and try it out? It’s about 9.5MB only.



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