How to Sign Up for and Pay Safaricom PostPay in 2022

Safaricom PostPay is a service that gives the user the ability to make calls, buy data, send calls, and pay later. This tariff is open to all Safaricom clients except the ones who hold corporate accounts. The following is a step by step description of how to sign up for & pay Safaricom PostPay in 2022.

How to Sign Up for Safaricom PostPay

  • For PostPay subscribers, dial *544# or *100#
  • Choose “Join PostPay
  • You will be informed about your monthly limits and you can pick to join PostPay with limits allocated or join their preferred limits.
  • If you want to input a limit that is greater than the one allocated by Safaricom, you will need to top up the difference as a deposit.
  • In case you don’t have an allocated limit, you can input your preferred limit. Next, key in your email address, accept to the PostPay terms and conditions and join PostPay.
  • You will be migrated to Safaricom PostPay after this. To access customer care, reach them through *200#.
  • Moreover, your monthly bill will be sent through SMS and email.
  • It’s essential to note that payment is needed by the 5th of every month failure to which you will be disconnected on the 7th.

How to Pay for Safaricom PostPay

You can pay for the PostPay service by using the following avenues: M-Pesa through the Safaricom PostPay PayBill 200200, and Bonga Points via PayBill 200200.

Failure to pay within 90 days will lead to termination of the service. You will be relocated back to PrePay.

Additionally, Safaricom will forward your details to CRB 106 days after the due date. The CRB listing will be done 120 days after the due date.

How to Terminate Safaricom PrePay Service

To terminate the service and move back to PrePay, you need to send an email to

Moreover, you can simply contact customer care via 100.

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