SnapChat Introduces Memories



SnapChat, the new kid on the block that is taking social video and engagement by storm, has added a whole new feature to it’s package. For sometime now, the social network has been regarded as the only social media that does not keep a history of your activity.

Until Now.

Memories is a new way of saving your Snaps and Stories on SnapChat. You can create new Stories from past Snaps and even have different Stories to create a new Snap. Old Snaps will appear as frames to let everyone know it’s an old Snap.

For most users, they would rather keep their past Snaps within a group. SnapChat thus enables you to easily move the Snaps and Stories to My Eyes Only section, to avoid those awkward moments mean’t for….. eyes only.

SnapChat is one of the most popular social networks among young people. Local brands like Safaricom are already on the platform and using it in creative ways to create engagement among its customers.




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