The State of Digital Video Advertising


Presently, there is an important rule for those wishing to expand their digital media presence: Join the video ad world or lag behind. While many had predicted the impact of video advertising, not all of us quite understood the large impact it would have. Now we know better. There has been a sharp increase both in the use of video advertising and revenue collected. This is a clear indication that marketing experts have fully understood the massive benefits of digital video.

The digital media ad world has many advantages over others as it helps ensure that brands stand out, grab customer attention with visual formats, and sets them way ahead due to use of many multimedia formats. Over the years, consumers have come to appreciate video and this has made its viewership to increase by a large margin. This could be due to the fact that online video not only captures the attention of the viewer but also provides the viewer with significant benefits to the advertiser and other marketing experts. Currently, video is estimated to have a higher click through rate when compared to other digital formats.

While video has its significant benefits, it is important for an advertiser to understand the concept well to avoid venturing into this world blindly. The dramatic evolution of digital video space over time forces marketers to keep up and adapt to changes. It is, therefore, important to consider the video ad trends today.

Platform Preference

A significant number of consumers will spend more time on digital media space as compared to social media. While people were more glued to social media and other platforms earlier, reports indicate that video has emerged as a top preference. The time spent by consumers each day on video has increased significantly over the past few years.

Platform Shift

It has been reported that a considerable number of people are flocking the digital media space via their mobile devices or connected television sets. Traditional TV has experienced a decrease in the number of consumers as a significant number have turned to digital media and platforms that support it. Marketers are also reported to increase spend on online video ads; hence, pull money from TV budgets. Nevertheless, the shift is not enough as competition in the online video space is becoming stiffer. Consequently, to increase engagement, high-quality content and use of popular platforms as distribution channels are necessary.

Increased use of Mobile Devices

Tablets and smartphone use has seen an unprecedented growth over the years. Marketers can now reach more consumers on the go. Due to this, the consumption of video ads has seen growth and this trend is expected to continue. There has also been an increase in mobile ad spend. Additionally, social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have been very instrumental as they help in increasing targeting capabilities.


Autoplay has become an important feature for digital video. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat are prime examples of social media platforms that have incorporated this feature. The catch here is that the videos ought to be engaging enough to grab the attention of users. The most critical section is the first few seconds as they must be attention grabbing. The state of digital video advertising is promising. Already, marketers and advertisers are reaping benefits from video platform and this is projected to continue into the future. Anyone who wishes to get a marketing message across successfully needs to embrace the video platform since it has a lot to offer.



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