Taste the Feeling GIF Creator and Website Review


The days of the long running Coca-Cola campaign dubbed Open Happiness are over since Coca Cola has adopted Taste the Feeling. The new tagline is brilliant and with it comes a Taste the feeling GIF creator which can be accessed at https://tastethefeeling.coca-cola.com/gb/player.

The multinational beverage company has often enticed its customers by giving them a chance to enjoy simple life pleasures; recently it was people’s name on the coke bottles and now a chance to create a GIF and share it on social media platforms.

What’s so interesting about the GIF creator?

Well, first of all, the process is pure fun, secondly, it takes very little time, thirdly, no research needed, just pure creativity, and finally you get a chance to share it on your social media platforms or save in your gadget. And before I forget, the website is quite interactive.

Can you write in other languages other than English? If yes, then you are covered. You can write your GIF in 20 languages.

The clock shaped loop gives you several options to choose from. Each icon represents relatable or everyday activities giving people an opportunity to type a feeling that they perceive to match. The non-stop background theme song is another feature that makes the website even more interesting and encourages one to stay on the website.

While there are several ways to interact with the website, focus is on the main agenda. The GIF creation tool takes up much of the screen while other options take up lower slots. They are big enough to be visible but small enough not to distract you from the fun.

Below is one I created on my laptop:

taste the Feeling GIF Creator 12

GIF 1: Blissful

A GIF on My Smartphone?

Anytime. I tried creating my GIFs using different gadgets and each experience was different. A bigger screen is better. Gadgets with bigger screens such as a tablet and laptop offer better experiences. That does not however mean that smaller screens do not bring impressive results. Below is another GIF I created using my smartphone and even though I had to have it in a titled position, it still didn’t disappoint.

taste the Feeling GIF Creator 45

GIF 2: Finally!

So, Do I own the GIF?

You create it, you own it! BUT you cannot use it for commercial purposes. The copyright policies or terms of use are quoted under terms section in the bottom right corner.

GIF for all browsers?

GIF creator works on different browsers. I tried several of them but chrome and Mozilla were the winners: very little loading time. Internet explorer was okay, but Opera Mini not so much. The size of my first GIF was 3.9 MB. so you better have good internet connectivity.






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