Tech Data Channel Link Features Major Companies like Cisco, HP, Dell EMC


More than 80 vendors from around the United States attended the Channel Link conference hosted by Tech Data in the previous week in Austin, Texas. Topics that were largely discussed at the conference were outcome-based conversations with customers, third-platform technologies, and digital transformation.

Digital transformation is what is guiding many developing economies around the world, including Kenya and Nigeria today. If we are able to make communication more effective and data more secure, we can help boost productivity and get better returns. It could also revolutionise the entertainment industry. For instance, if you love playing online games on popular sites like Betway as a user, you would want your data to be secure at all times.

Taking a Look at the Tech World’s Problems Today

Tech Data talked about its latest offerings to its partners, which includes enablement platform and Level Up online training. The company’s executives also talked about them acquiring Avnet Technology Solutions for $2.6 billion.

Marc McClure, senior vice president, US commercial sales, Tech Data, said that customers and partners’ needs are evolving constantly and it is his goal to help his partners to find new opportunities and use them efficiently. He said that if checks the dichotomy of his base of solution providers, they are all different.

For some security is crucial, while networking and data centre is crucial for other. Now is the time to figure out what each of the partner wants exactly and work towards finding a common solution, which should be applicable to the new technologies that they are developing and will develop in the future. At the same time, Tech Data has to ensure that they aren’t generalising technology or their mindset.

About the engagement

McClure feels that everything is about the engagement. You should ask yourself whether you still want to be in the business. If yes, then how will you enhance it further and if not, then how will you guide it into a different direction. Rob Webster, director of US SMB sales, Tech Data, started the conference with the Name that Tune game and told attendees that their first responsibility is to enable their business and speed up their growth.

He said that their partners are currently seeing them as proprietors and solution providers who assist them with business outcomes, professionally and personally. End users are asking for business outcomes and even though they don’t know the answers, they know where to get them from.

Andrea Miner, director of business intelligence and corporate strategy, Florida based distributor of Tech Data, Clearwater, said that businesses around the world are growing and will continue until 2021 but will start declining after that. She argued that many service providers are still on second platform when they should be on the third platform, which is all about Internet of Things, cloud computing, and wireless networking. Third platform promises revenue growth and Miner encouraged the attendees to bring about that change soon.

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