Techno Releases PhonePad 7II into the Kenyan Market


Techno has introduced PhonePad 7II into the Kenyan market. This is the second Android tablet this year the first being Techno DroiPad 8II which was launched recently. The newly developed device was revealed by John Marshal, the head of tablet department at Techno mobile Kenya, in Nairobi during the launch of the 2016 Jumia Mobile Week.

PhonePad 7II has a 7” screen, dual SIM with slot spaces for both standard and micro SIM, and is 4G ready. The screen size is apt especially for those who love watching videos. The 7” display and the 600×1024 resolution make the experience enjoyable. While the sizes of smartphones have been getting bigger with time, PhonePad 7II cannot be confused with a phone since its features aptly fit the description of a tablet.

In terms of specs, PhonePad 7II is expected to have some similar specifications and features as the recently launched Techno DroiPad 8II. This is in terms of memory which is 1GB RAM and 16GB expandable internal memory: with this kind of memory you can be assured of enough storage space for your pictures, videos and other digital files. Other shared features are camera sensors, operating system i.e. Android 5.1 Lollipop, and 4G compatibility.

An interesting feature is the free branded protective cover. This is an appealing aspect since it will save users the hustle of looking for a suitable cover separately. One unfortunate thing about this gadget is that it comes without earphones. Users will either have to buy or use some they already have.

With 4100mAh battery units, users can be assured that the battery will not run out every few hours as is the case with many mobile gadgets. It is always disappointing for gadget users when they have to worry about charging their devices after every few hours.

The good news is that with PhonePad 7II, a single full charge can last for several hours of video. This is a very appealing feature given that no one has the patience keep charging a gadget several times a day.



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