TECNO Mobile launches the Camon CX


TECNO Mobile has officially launched the Camon CX and CX Air. The two phones were unveiled at a colourful ceremony at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi.

Introduced in 2015, the Camon series has sold over 5 million handsets globally giving the firm over 25 per cent of market share in Sub-Saharan African countries since 2014.

Sales in the African market reached 25 million devices in 2015, including 9 million smart phones. Globally, it sold 60 million devices last year while the sale of smart phones manufactured by the company increased by 40 per cent.

The TECNO Camon is one of the most popular budget smartphone series in Africa and thus the launch of this year’s model was kind a big deal. It comes after the success of its predecessors like the Camon C9.

Before we head to the specifics of the two smartphone, here is a brief low down of the launch event. The Camon CX and CX Air launch event was one of the best that has recently happened in Kenya.

The Kenyan launch also served as the Global official launch of the phone and thus attendants were from all over the globe. The event was spectacular and at par with those of other major smartphone vendors.

TECNO unveiled two phones, the Camon CX and Camon CX Air. The Camon CX is an upgrade of the Camon C9 and was the star product of the event. We have done a quick specifications review of the Camon CX and you should check that out to find what the smartphone has to offer.

The CX Air is kind of a budget variation of the CX. The Air features a number of watered down features and targets buyers who are out for a solid device while on a tight budget.

The CX will retail at price of about Ksh. 18,999 while the CX Air at Ksh. 14,999.The Camon CX will be available for purchase immediately, while the CX Air might be coming to Kenya in the coming months.



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