Top Kenyan Searches Reveal a Love for Sports


Kenyans are passionate about many things, but above all, they love sports, especially soccer. The ongoing Euro 2016 tournament further proves their insatiable need for sports and all things soccer-related.

A Google finding shows Kenyan searches of over 20,000 per day for such terms as “Germany vs France,” and “Euro 2016.” Other related searches that seem to be getting a lot of attention as well include “Pogba,” “France,” and “Messi,” among others.

On YouTube, most of the Kenyan searches revolve around latest news, and latest music videos. On Twitter, the trend is mostly around topics being discussed in media, especially Radio and upcoming events being promoted.

It is interesting to see Kenyans increasingly relying on the Internet to source for news and information. We can only expect this trend to continue as Internet adoption continues to rise.



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