Video Marketing: Why It’s the future of content marketing


Video marketing is here to stay. According to Cisco, video content is set to account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. Video content is a critical bridge leading to effective content marketing according to the observed information and entertainment consumption trends. The potential impact of video is unquestionable as it is seen as an effective way of connecting with customers. The growth of online videos over the past few years is projected to continue into the future as it is seen as a platform that will conveniently meet people’s specific information as well as entertainment needs in the online environment. A good question to ponder on is, “why is video regarded as the future of content marketing?”

1. Statistical Prediction

Recent and past statistics have been used to predict future trends in video content marketing. Researches have shown that over the years, video content marketing has become more popular among internet users and they predict that this trend will continue into the future. Such statistics include: average internet users spend 88% more time on websites that have video content than those without (Source: Adelie Studios), 64% of audiences are more likely to purchase a product after watching its marketing video (source: Adelie Studios), video content will take up 69% of internet traffic by 2017 (Source: Cisco), over 100 million videos are viewed on YouTube each day (Source: YouTube), among others. These and others have been used to predict future trends.

2. Engaging and Easy to Digest Content

Video content is engaging and easy to digest. We are living at a time where information overload is the order of the day and this means it takes more than an informative piece to capture the attention of the audience. Video content that has been carefully created can help get the message across as long as it easily passes the intended message. It has been suggested that people develop a positive attitude towards a certain brand after watching a captivating video about it. A short video can serve the purpose of both entertaining and informing the audience.

3. Any Business Person can create

Video content creation is no longer a kingdom for technical geeks. Business people of all sizes can come up with video content because all they need is information on quality content creation. The online environment is enriched with information on how one can create a quality video. This will definitely encourage more people to create video content so as to ensure that they don’t fall off the traffic cliff. Many people, thus, have the opportunity to drive more traffic and increase ROI.

4. Increased Reach Potential

The potential reach of video content is massive. YouTube is an apt example of a video channel that receives millions of visitors each day. As such, video is an optimal platform that can be used by businesses to reach their target audience and at the same tome boost customer engagement. It is also very common to have video content go viral and attract people’s attention. The potential reach is projected to increase into the future given that more and more people are embracing video content marketing as a growth strategy.

5. Less Budget

Budgeting advantage of online video content over some traditional channels is a major driving force for its embracement. Business people operating on a small budget can create a video with the help of apps such as Twitter’s Vine. There has been an evident shift from television advertising to online videos due to budgetary issues. Digital space is evidently turning into a playground for marketers. SMEs and bigger brands are projected to shift to video content in the future due to the many benefits it has to offer. For those yet to embrace this strategy, it’s time to live in the future for a better tomorrow.




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