Equity bank’s EazzyAPI and What it means for E-commerce in Kenya.


Equity bank’s Eazzy API the next stage of evolution for mobile banking?

In the last two weeks the good people here at Techguy have gone all out to test and see if indeed Equity’s new app is up to the challenge (pun intended). We have given you a detailed breakdown of the user experience while using the app here. This is the third instalment of our analysis and as usual we have saved the best for last.

The acronym API for those of us who don’t know is Application Programming Interface it is in essence a comprehensive toolbox. It contains all the information needed to build software and applications-an interface of sorts. In the same way the Eazzy API provides software developers and even companies, with the information to develop applications that integrate well with the Eazzy app.
The open source nature of this API gives the Eazzy app a clear advantage over other money transaction apps.This essentially means that the app should be easy to adapt to any platform be it Mac,Linux,Android and even Windows.

The API will make sure that bugs and security vulnerabilities are fixed very fast because many people will be working at the same system making it the best bet for companies and professional application developers.As a result of this users will experience convenience and stability like they have never before.
Equity banks partnership with online retailer Jumia is a statement to this fact.You can now purchase items through the Eazzy API right at the website.The two systems have been integrated in such a way that the process of ordering and paying is seamless.In addition to this,Equity bank has gone out of its way to meet global standards for monetary transfer security by attaining the Global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.1 (PCI DSS 3.1).

what we think
Kenya is at the forefront of mobile money transfer and this system couldn’t have come at a better time.The success of this endeavour will cement our position on the global market as the front runners in all matters mobile money transfers and we should be proud.



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