Equity’s Eazzybanking App Review-A New Way of Banking



Recently, Equity bank launched Eazzybanking, a revolutionary platform expected to make it efficient and convenient for Equity customers to manage their money. This financial institution is among the first few banks to fully integrate digital banking into their operations.

Eazzybanking app came with the promise of a better customer banking experience. Does this app live up to its promise or not? Time to find out:

I recently created my Equity Hapo Hapo account via Eazzybanking app. The app’s ease of use make it a perfect platform for account opening. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised since the entire process took about 6 minutes. I successfully received a PIN via  text message almost immediately.This is good news for users since all the paper work, numerous questions and waiting are a thing of the past. The technology making this happen behind the scenes must be superior. Unlike apps from other financial institutions that I have used, I experienced no major delays or hiccups.

The interface is mobile friendly. The displays and functions are okay since I was able to navigate without any problems. This has also been made possible by availability of few menu categories.Also, the app’s integration with mobile technology is good as a user can comfortably carry out various functions without hurdles. The display is good and a user can, without strain, operate the clickable call-to-action. I did not experience mis-clicks since there is enough space between various call-to-action options.

The security features are okay. Equity bank promised its customers a security banking experience and so far so good. On opening an account via Eazzybanking, an account  holder is provided with a PIN via text message but this must be changed to what a user prefers. As long as Equity continues to update its security software, customers should not worry.

When Equity first announced that it was adopting a digital banking platform, I was not instantly fascinated. I have used banking apps before but somehow I almost always ended up visiting banking halls. Nevertheless, after using Eazzy bank account to open an account and purchase airtime, I was not disappointed. As a new customer, I enjoyed flexibility and convenience.

Apps open fairly fast and effortlessly. The app store is crowded; hence, it takes an outstanding app to impress consumers. The app opens fairly fast, hosts a number of digital banking services and has easy to follow steps. This type of convenience is very welcome.

Final Verdict?

Banking has never been easier! The Eazzybanking app is fairly fast and solid. If you are sick and tired of queuing for hours and experiencing service delays and lags, opt for Eazzybanking. You can access a wide range of services conveniently. Equity bank understands that the current generation wants things here and now with little or no effort. Eazzybanking could not come at a much better time.




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