Safaricom 4G Network ; Why It’s Good for You


Kenya’s giant Telco Safaricom has been in the forefront calling out for her subscribers to shift to the Safaricom 4G network. But then what is it all about and why does it matter to you?

The basic understanding to most people is that it is faster, allows consumers to video-chat-on the go, download more pictures and watch movies anytime.

Well, Let us unpack what exactly 4G LTE means. 4G refers to the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks. It comes in to replace the 3G network which is the third generation. On the other hand, LTE refers to Long Term Evolution and isn’t as much a technology as it is the path followed to achieve 4G speeds for phones and other mobile devices.

The two combine to make 4G LTE, which is the fastest 4G network available that gives you download speeds that are four to five times faster than 3G networks.


As a Safaricom subscriber, how do you stand to benefit with a 4G enabled sim Card. Well, you will also need to have a 4G enabled smartphone to enjoy the following benefits

Fast Internet speeds

Forget about waiting for centuries for that morning selfie to upload to Facebook or waiting for the pages to load to check game scores or the latest news. In as much as any smartphone can handle this, it is a 4G capable smartphone that can harness theoretical internet speeds. So if you are in the business of uploading and downloading a lot of information, a 4G capable device is the best choice for you.

Better audio quality

Ever heard of the old phones sounding like tin cans when you talk on them? This is because they use circuit-switched networks which only offer narrowband communications. The 4G service offers wideband audio services which sound far much better.

Send Email Faster

The Safaricom 4G allows you to send your emails and attachments much faster. As such, you can send your mails out of the office conveniently or when you are stuck in a traffic jam. Additionally, you can share your photos with family and friends faster.

Stream Video without Lag

The 4G network makes the annoying buffering due to slow internet a thing of the past. It offers five times faster speeds with HD video streaming and video calling.

Create a Mobile Hotspot

You can use your 4G enabled smartphone as a Wi-Fi router. This allows you to create personal hotspots and share bandwidth with other people. If you are a mobile warrior in need of constant Wi-Fi on your laptop, then the Safaricom 4G network gets you covered.


Watching HD movies and videos with the 4G network can burn a serious hole through your data plan. So, how can you avoid this to get the best of your 4G Network?

Opt for the standard quality videos when streaming and  disable automatic download of photos and videos on your social media platforms. This includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The article I did earlier on Safaricom SWIFT squad will also help you utilize your bundles effectively.



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