3 Ways You Can Use PPC to Boost SEO


While paid search or PPC and SEO share several similarities, they differ considerably when it comes to digital marketing. Currently, there is no direct way to improve organic performance using paid search. Nevertheless, there are some factors that can be considered to ensure paid search promotes optimisation of search results.

1. Use of Keyword Planner

Keyword planner is a Google AdWords tool that can help optimise paid and SEO strategies. This tool can help advertisers get new keyword ideas, historical statistics, and estimates of traffic a keyword may get. With this information, it becomes easy for one to decide which keywords will be used for the campaign. Advertisers can test new and underperforming keywords as a way of optimising spend and campaign results. This tool helps save time as keywords lists can be multiplied together instead of manually combining them.

2. Low competition and Low CPC

High competition keywords require a high Cost per click (CPC). The amount that competitors are willing to spend on specific key phrases play a major role in determining an advertiser’s actual CPC. To offset high bids, it is important to find keywords and ad groups with low competition. This implies that the keywords to be selected will have a low CPC. However, an advertiser should not compromise quality and relevance. A keyword planner filter can help isolate low competition keyword; hence, making work easier.

3. Test out new keywords

Using paid search, an advertiser can test out new keywords for SEO. PPC is a good tool that can be used to test out low cost key phrases in terms of value and qualification rate. Through testing, an advertiser gets insight on the level of relevance of keywords to the target audience as well as search terms used by people searching for similar products or services you offer. The above list of not exhaustive but the strategies can definitely help boost SEO. PPC data can be used variously to boost campaigns; hence, optimised results.



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