FERO Mobile launches a new range of sleek mobile devices in Kenya


The 2016 smartphone calendar seems tight owing to the frequency at which existing smartphone manufacturers are unveiling new devices or new brands are launching. “Explore Your World” is the official brand tagline for FERO mobile, the latest entrant into the Kenyan smartphone market.

FERO mobile has launched a range of new handsets including XI, YI, and JI. Dubbed the Royale series, the three phones are sleek, brag a classy design and come in rich colors. The phones are carefully designed and they represent a “youthful vibrancy.” The manufacturer offers both entry level and premium smartphones

XI packs a Quad Core processor, 3GB RAM and is powered by 4000mAh battery units. This handset comes equipped with a 13MP primary camera and 5MP camera so you can capture every moment. The camera has become integral; hence, it is consoling that FERO Mobiles had this in mind.

Royale YI boasts a 5.5-inch screen, 1280 x 720 HD IPS+ display for an impressive visual experience. Currently, there are several smartphones in the market that come equipped with these features; hence, it will be interesting to see what sets this smartphone aside. The manufacturer alleges that this handset has a powerful imaging technology for clear and vivid colors so let’s wait and see. The most outstanding feature of JI has to be its design. It is thin and sleek.

Other smartphones by this manufacturer are MEGA which packs a 5.5-inch Gorilla IPS HD display, ZOOM, equipped with 4G/LTE with 8MP camera which supposedly allows you to take photos in low light, and POWER which is powered by a 3600mAh battery capacity.

You will soon have a comprehensive review of the handsets so that you can become an informed buyer. FERO Mobiles promises to manufacture handsets that “…are a reflection of the lifestyle and aspirations of Africa”

How about we tell our side of the story after about two weeks of using the handsets?





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