OPPO R7S Smartphone Review


After spending over a week using the OPPO R7s as my main phone, I feel safe in saying that its one of the best bang for back smartphone currently in the market.

OPPO R7s sits in the middle of OPPO’S current high end line up. R7 with a 5-inch display the R7 plus at 6-inch

Damage    Anything from about Kshs 42,990.

What You Need to Know

  • 5.5-inch Full HD capacitive touchscreen
  • 13 MP Rear Camera,  8MP Front camera
  • octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615  processor
  • MEMORY – 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Micro-SD storage (up to 128GB)
  • Fast Charge
  • Battery- 3070mAh


What We Think You Need to Know

Design and Display

The rear of the OPPO R7s is made of a very smooth treated metal while the front is wrapped in gorilla glass. Build quality is top notch and stands out. Most like the latest I phones, the R7s screen has slightly rounder edges which gives it a more natural fit on your hand.  R7s boasts of a reasonable high pixel density 1080P screen with great viewing angles. Colours look  vivid and the backlight is bright enough to make screen visible in direct sunlight.

oppo r7 sThe box also has a ‘VOOC’ fast charging kit and a Pair of earphones.The phone supports expandable storage via microSD with the slot also functioning as a second sim card slot.  Unlike its bigger brothers OPPO R7 plus, it has no finger print reader. It’s notable that the battery is unremovable, on this one you can be sure OPPO has compensated by providing a stronger battery. OPPO R7s is only available in one colour as Golden.

The phone comes with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.



The Oppo R7s is powered by 1.5GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM.  Thanks to a fast 8 core processor and the 4GB RAM, Overall the OPPO R7s works as well I didn’t experience any random crashes or instability during my day today usage. Loading apps on R7s has been a smooth sailing I can’t complain.


OPPO R7s has a 13 Megapixel rear camera and a 8 Megapixel ‘Selfie’ camera. Ideally R7s has maintained the camera package as seen on her counterparts. However R7s comes with a better Autofocus system in form of flash shot technology which allows the camera to focus in just 0.1 sec albeit in optimal lighting.

As in the case of many smartphone Cameras out there,you will be able to get some great photos when outdoors and in good lighting.

Following the trend with recent android camera  apps,  OPPO offers a few manual options on its camera including shutter speed, ISO, Manual focus,white balance etc. that help you tweak your images the way you want them to be.


The selfie camera is okey, snaps selfies at 2MP resolution. However, I can’t promise much on video.


Battery life is a big Plus on OPPO R7s . With light usage I was able to go days without charging, a technology approach that solves it permanently. Though the battery is not removable, it lasts longer. Something about non removable batteries is that they last longer, and OPPO has done some made sure they took care of that. With some moderate Usage it should comfortably be able to take you some days before it runs low.

OPPO R7SFast charging lives up to its name and is able to get the phone back to 75% in half an hour. However, you will have to wait for another hour and half to fully charge the R7s.



If you are looking for a more reliable device with regards to battery life, then OPPO R7s might  just be yours. Its speedy charging and long battery life are very Impressive. However, you will have to live with a slightly underwhelming Camera.

        So Rad

  • Affordable
  • Metal premium build
  • Good looking AMOLED display
  • Dual Sim & MicroSD card slot
  • Great battery life


         Makes Us Sad

  • No NFC
  • Camera suffers in low light
  • Different software experience may disappoint


  • Disclaimer: This OPPO R7s Review was conducted on a review unit that was  returned to the brand.
8.3 Awesome
  • Design and Display 7
  • Performance 9
  • Camera 8
  • Battery 9
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 9



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