Autokey is helping Motorists with Car Key Services in Kenya


Autokey Kenya is  a leading Car Key programming  and  general automotive locksmith in Kenya. Autokey is helping Motor vehicle owners by providing affordable and efficient Car Key solutions .

Autokey has its  main store at Magharibi Place Nairobi West Nairobi. (See on Google Maps) -Nakuru and Eldoret Opening soon…

Autokey Kenya Services

Autokey offers a wide range of automotive locksmith services at a considerable saving compared to the price  quoted by the dealerships.

Autokey offers the following services ;

  • Car key programming
  • Lost Car Key replacement
  • Key repairs
  • Key Cutting
  • Key Battery replacements
  • Car door locks and ignition repair

Car Key programming

VW Golf Key Cutting & programming

  Transponder Keys

Modern vehicles are equipped with state of the art immobiliser systems. Advancements in immobiliser technology means the days of thieves and crooks being able to hot-wire or bypass a vehicles immobiliser system to start the engine are gone!

Almost all vehicles built since the year 1998 worldwide, are equipped with state of the art immobiliser systems . These systems are ever evolving and becoming more and more secure. Every vehicle immobiliser system is slightly different, but they all have one thing in common, the transponder chip.

The transponder chip is a small RFID microchip that stores a code unique to that chip and that chip only. Transponder chips do not require the use of batteries to operate.

Upon starting your car the vehicles antenna reads the code embedded on the transponder chip located in the head of the key. If the code on the transponder chip matches the code stored in the vehicles engine, or immobiliser ECU, the vehicle will start. If the code doesn’t match the vehicle will not run.

Car Key programming

Key Cutting process ongoing for a BMW Transponder key

Car Key programming in Kenya and the New Keyless Technology

Keyless entry and ignition—a system also known as a proximity key, is one of the handiest inventions in all autodom. The key is actually a transmitter,  you can lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk or start the engine with the press of a button. Autokey team have the knowledge / equipment to program the latest Keys of all the vehicle models.

Autokey Kenya

Toyota Vanguard Spare Keys done by Autokey.


 Your Vehicle Security

Autokey Kenya demands proof of ownership before providing any of its services. This is to ensure that the people they are assisting are the actual owners of the vehicles.

If you are looking for a Car Key programming or related services  your search has come to an end.

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You can also  WhatsApp, Call or Text 0797118699


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