4 reasons to buy a Zero 3 – Infinix zero 3 review



I have this argument  sometimes. I don’t like small phones. However, that is my personal preference. I understand there are numerous reasons to buy a zero 3 and, if you’re in the market for a new phone, some of these might appeal to you. You’ll remember I did a review of Infinix zero 2 its predecessor.

I’ve had a considerable amount of time with the Zero 3 so thought I’d share some views on Infinix’s offering and also give you 4 reasons to buy a Zero 3.

  1. Amazing design!

Infinix Zero 3 has a similar design with Infinix Zero 2, the only difference is the 5.5inch screen on Zero 3.  The whole body ( front and back) is covered with corning gorilla glass 3 which is scratch resistant. It has sharp edges which fits very well on palms. The volume and power buttons are on the right side of the body. The charging port is at the bottom while the 3.5mm earpiece jack is on top. The Zero 3 supports Dual sim and comes with 4G LTE Capability. All this for a relatively a fair price. Infinix zero 3  it looks and feels really premium. (fits well on the palm too)

Infinix zero 3 design

Infinix zero 3 design

  1. Display

One main reasons to buy Infinix zero 3  is its bigger screen. Bigger displays make working easier but also make it far easier to consume content. Fan of watching YouTube videos? They look better on a bigger screen. Enjoy reading in depth news articles that have been linked to via your favourite social media channels? Big screen phablets ensure you aren’t squinting or zooming in and out. The Infinix zero 3 has an amazing video capability – an ultra high definition 4K video recording capability. 5.5 FHD Screen that offers up a resolution of 1080 pixels at 441 ppi. Its made for double tasking  you can actually run two apps concurrently without and the phone still goes on and on.

  1. All about images

ooh! The camera is my favourite part. Infinix zero 3 boasts of a staggerring sony 20.7 mega pixel rear camera and a 5 mega pixel front camera. This is no brainier a selling point for this phone. I know you love this! At a Love taking videos on parties to share with friends on Whatsapp? This phone has an amazing video capability-an ultra high definition 4k video recording capability of the rear camera. Love taking photos of whats happening around you? Or taking those selfies behind the mirrors? Then you are all covered with infinix zero The Camera is interesting as it can be optimised and tweaked to give you the picture quality or colours you desire at almost anytime, you will achieve this when you play around the options when you launch the Camera. A double LED flash for (warm and cool light) at the back of the camera that auto calibrates depending on the so rounding temperature can help you get the best shots.

infinix zero 3 camera

  1. There is nothing like a fast  Battery charging capability.

For as long smartphones are a way of life, battery life will always be a major area of contention for most consumers until they find a technology approach that solves it permanently. Infinix zero 3 has more battery life than it predecessor zero series, 3030 mAh of battery that supports fast charging and is able to last longer even with heavy usage is definitely a yes for me and anyone who minds about battery life.

Infinix zero 3

… and Finally….

I will definitely would like to hear your experience In case you have bought or own an Infinix zero 3 already or you are shopping for a new phone and would want to know one or two things. Post it on the comments below and I will respond 🙂


Disclaimer: I was sent the Infinix zero 3 to review. I am yet to know if it will be retuned back to the brand. 







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