5 PPC tips to boost traffic to your website


Strategic thinking is necessary when using pay per click (PPC) bidding strategy. People who are not experienced in this often find themselves losing a lot of money. For better traffic using PPC strategy, below tips can be helpful.

1. Branding ads

With the cut throat competition going on in the world, everyone is using all means possible to gain competitive advantage. Competitors are going as far as using other’s terms. While one can contact concerned parties to have such people stopped from bidding on such term, there is no assurance of success. Confining yourself in your branded environment is a good idea since it ensures that you remain unique.

2. Identification of niche markets

With a limited market, one’s options are limited; hence, it is important to select the most valuable one. Tailoring the message for the right audience is a great strategy. While at this, it is import to be on the lookout for events that can help boost your presence. Prime examples of this are upcoming football events. The size of the traffic need not to worry you since it does not directly imply that the monetary value or returns of such is equally small.

3. Location targeting

This has everything to do with where qualified consumers are located. It may be more valuable to target an entire nation, continent or world but if the budget does not permit this, then specific areas of interest should be considered. Google tools such as analytics can help one establish where those who convert more are located. This helps ensure that the budget is added in these areas and lessened for areas that do not bring the desired value.

4. Negative keyword usage

Identification of keywords or phrases that do not add value is important as this helps ensure that they are added as negative keywords. Negative keywords help ensure that one only gets qualified traffic and that money is used wisely.

5. Adoption of re-marketing strategy

Some customers will visit your website and show interest in certain items but end up leaving without making a purchase. Through re-marketing lists, one can help identify such and follow them as they browse other websites. Someone could be visiting an online cooking website but since they had shown interest in your machinery, an ad appears on this webpage. This may remind them of this product and it may prompt them to click and take some desirable actions. PPC is tricky to run but with apt strategies in place, it is possible to get a good ROI. Constant monitoring of results can help gain insights on progress, and this can in turn help place more budget in selected campaigns.



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