Infinix Hot 4 to be Unveiled Soon in Kenya

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The smartphone calendar seems predictable at this point. However, the launch of Hot 4 in Pakistan caught many by surprise. This handset is set to be launched in Kenya soon.

The trend can be attributed to mounting competition given that even second tier companies are waking up from their slumber

Infinix Mobile is ready to launch Hot 4 in Kenya. This comes after the launch of Note 3 a few months ago. Already, Hot 4 has been launched in Pakistan and this can only mean that it will be rolled out in other markets soon.

The smartphone ecosystem seems to be going through a dramatic metamorphosis and Infinix has no intention of being left behind.  From my archives, Hot 3 was a definite upgrade of Hot 2, even though they both rocked the same processor and OS.

What will be special about Hot 4? And, will it be worth the wait?

At this point, we can only speculate that Hot 4 is an upgrade of Hot 3, especially the camera.

The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner is definitely a clever move. This came as no surprise since Infinix Mobile did promise to include this feature in all its future smartphones during the launch of Note 3. Besides, this appears to be a must have feature for smartphones launched in 2016 since it is seen as a security boost.

Snoopy wives, girlfriends, and queens will suffer a blow since they may no longer access messages, chats and call logs of their significant other. Some men too, sadly.

The model launched in Pakistan boasted a 4000mAh battery capacity, 8MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. In addition, the device came with Android 6.0 marshmallow with XOS.

It would be imprudent to assume that these are the same features the handset to be launched in Kenya will have. We can only speculate.

The Hot series handsets fall under the category of midrange handsets; hence, the price will likely be below Kshs. 15,000. It is expected to compete with other budget smartphones in the market.



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