Isikcure Mobile App is Changing How Patients Find Specialists in Kenya


Thanks to Isikcure, You can now search and Schedule an appointment  with an healthcare specialist on your mobile phone.

The struggle for good healthcare in Kenya is real and the problem is compounded by the difficulty in finding the right Healthcare specialists.  This has led to unnecessary loss of lives due to patients succumbing to treatable diseases because it takes time and referrals to find specialised treatment.

For the lucky few that manage to access healthcare, they are presented with only three basic choices, which include mission hospitals, private hospitals or public run hospitals. The available hospitals could however be understaffed, under-equipped or charging a fee that is unaffordable.

Most Kenyans who do not seek specialist treatment are hindered by cost, the long distance and most importantly their unavailability due to a busy schedule. As such, the patients can go for days without getting an appointment with the required specialist.

The Isikcure app comes as an answer to the immense healthcare challenges that many patients face. The App aims at connecting the patients with doctors, wellness providers, pharmacies, and laboratories and allows them to pay for the services through their mobile phones.

Additionally, the app creates general awareness on chronic diseases and its risk factors. Isikcure also works towards improving access to quality care and safe medicine whenever households and patients are in need of it.

The app allows users to create a profile for themselves and their dependents. As such, they can search for services anywhere in the country and co-ordinate to have their relatives attended to. Through the app, you can book an appointment with the doctor and it is easy to track risk factors for adherence to diseases such as diabetes.

All the activities done through this app populate the medical record of the user thereby making it easy for reference. Additionally, the users earn MedPoints, which they can use to seek and pay for services and refer others.

The use of the Isikcure app shall go a long way in ensuring that patients meet the right specialist to handle their medical issues from the comfort of their home or office.




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